Weeding in Paradise / Jäten im Paradies

Series of Events at Milower Land

more information: www.jaetenimparadies.de

JÄTEN IM PARADIES/Weeding in Paradise is a cultur project for the Milower Land during the years of 2019 and 2020 with various culture events.

JÄTEN IM PARADIES/Weeding in Paradise is a orchestrated bus tour through the land and the arts of the region Milower Land. The bus tour connects the cultural places with contemporary artistic confrontation.  What are the narrations of the historical works and places; are they able to sensitize for a handling with the history and the nature and its capacity of changing and adaption? About what kind of secrets narrates the dark starry sky and what kind of mythologic stories we can read in the sky. Is there a link from the prehistoric skeleton to nowadays imagination and modern life.

The aim is to discover one's own culture and mirror it with contemporary art forms, to place it in new contexts and to make one's own identity experienceable. Participation and exchange with the people of the region is an essential anchor of the project, which creates space for encounters and exchanges between the art locations and the people, the artists and the potential audience and develops one's own creativity in professionally guided workshops in movement, music, creative cooking, video. All these activities flow into the concluding theatrical bus journey: as art action, exhibition, dance and creative 'kitchen'.

A series of professionally led workshops give the opportunity to look behind the art and technique, to discover one's own creativity in film, movement, music or creative cooking. The first events in 2019 will be the virtual theatrical music sculpture BLUR, the cinematic radio play THE INFLUENCER and the workshop Creative Cooking.

Programming: Annette Göschel, Gerhard Göschel, Rosi Ulrich

16 June 2019, 14 - 19 h, BLUR, a theatralic VR-installation and KUNST_WERKE by Gerhard Göschel - an exhibition for a questioning spectator with the artist and the art educator Annette Göschel; in the garden: coffee and cake, Kunsthof Galm, Milower Land, Brandenburg info [at] jaetenimparadies.de
24 August 2019, 18 h, THE INFLUENCER a cinematic radio play, Kunsthof Galm, Milower Land, Brandenburg info [at] jaetenimparadies.de
7 - 11 October 2019, workshop Creative Citchen Art, for children and young people, Milower Land, Brandenburg info [at] wehr51.com
6. & 7. June 11 - 14 h, NaturBADEN workshop with Stephnaie Zander, Garden of the Kunsthof Galm, Milower Land, Brandenburg info [at] jaetenimparadies.de
6. September 2020, 17 - 18 h, Alexander on the Havel, a scenic trip on boat: info [at] jaetenimparadies.de
26. September 2020, 14 - 22 h, MILOWER LAND & PEOPLE, a scenic bus tour through the land: info [at] jaetenimparadies.de
03. October 2020, 19 h, Promised is Promised, a theatre-bar-evening, Kanaltheater Eberswalde: info [at] jaetenimparadies.de
17. October 2020, 15 - 22 h, NightLightPoem, a scenic trip into the dark: info [at] jaetenimparadies.de


Documentation 2019 to 2020


Implementation: WEHR51, Production: Freihandelszone - ensemblenetzwerk köln

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture as part of the Federal Rural Development Programme in the LandKULTUR funding area