3 Sisters #full of love in battle mode

Möbus+Schmitz & WEHR51 are presenting

12. March 2022, 8 pm, 13. March 2022, 6 pm, Freihandelszone, Krefelder Str. 71, Köln

A kitchen table, two chairs, two sisters: 3 Sisters #full of love in battle mode" is about sisterhood, about the specialness and intensity of this special relationship.

The stimulating theatre evening shows a modern perspective on constantly changing sister relationships and sharpens the audience's view of their own family structures: What does it mean for your own path in life to be a sister? What understanding of roles results from this, what social projections are there? Whether genetic closeness or emotional attachment: sisterly relationships are touching, astonishing, sometimes perplexing and always curious. Sisters share the same experiences, but behind them there are always two truths.

A kitchen radio, a fruit bowl, a Playmobil house and two handheld beamers guide us through the scenic realisation. Live cameras and headsets transport the intimate content into the private spaces of the audience, where images of childhood places emerge.
Interviews from the close family circle, documentary material, literary memories, fictional narratives and video projections are supplemented by playful scenes and bring back situations in which people laughed, argued and lived together.

The theatre makers Anna Möbus and Franziska Schmitz are not sisters, but they have one thing in common in their family biographies: in both families a sibling died by accident. In their first joint play, Anna Möbus and Franziska Schmitz examine how the loss affects them. It is based on very personal interviews with family members of different generations. What triggers such a traumatic experience as the loss of a sister? Do the positions within the family shift?

Acting/ Concept/ Organisation: Anna Möbus + Franziska Schmitz | Direction/ Concept: Andrea Bleikamp | Choreography: Sophie Killer | Dramaturgy: Rosi Ulrich | Video: Videokiosk (Sebastian Steimel and Sophie Schumacher-Hernández)

victim of the pandemic situation: UA 28. Mai 2021, 20 h, Mannheim, Premiere: 2. Juli 2021, 17,00 / 19.30 h, Café der Diakoniekirche Luther, Mannheim

Produced by Möbus+Schmitz, in cooperation with WEHR51
supportet by Kulturamt Mannheim, LBBW Stiftung, Fonds darstellende Künste (Neustart Kultur #takeaction), NRW-Stipendium