On 1.1.2019 theater-51grad and wehrtheater have merged to WEHR51.

WEHR51, based on performative postdramatic arts and closely connected with other arts/artists, was founded in 2019 in Cologne/Berlin and is directed by director Andrea Bleikamp and dramaturge and author Rosi Ulrich.

The theatre's multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach is committed to experimentation. The stage becomes a place of utopian communication. WEHR51 has its origins in the wehrtheater (2000-2018) and the theater-51grad (2001-2018) and pursues a consistently autonomous approach that critically examines political and contemporary themes in a creative way. The question of the legitimacy of the socially relevant distribution of power, its abuse and the struggle for the acceptance and autonomy of man and the members of our society, and for the value of our environment are important aspects of the work. WEHR51 always pursues new ways and perspectives in the choice of implementation.

Since 2012, Rosi Ulrich and Andrea Bleikamp have been linked by a continuous cooperation which has resulted in a number of successful productions. One of the first joint productions was "Rockaby" for wehrtheater/Andrea Bleikamp, which was nominated for the Cologne Dance Theatre Award in 2015. Furthermore, for the theater-51grad "ERSCHÖPFTE DEMOKRATIE" (2016), a theatre evening as applied utopia research at the Max Planck Institute, BLUR (2017) 6 miniatures on fuzziness were created under the artistic direction of Sergej Maingardt, Jens Standke, Andrea Bleikamp and Rosi Ulrich for three evenings.

The successful cooperation has induced the two theatre makers to produce under one roof from 2019 and to bring the two theatres together: The WEHR51!

The WEHR51 and its productions are supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne with multi-year project funding, the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia with conceptual funding and the RheinEnergieStiftung KULTUR. We thank!

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